Lowest price⚠️⚠️ Twitter accounts | Confirmed by @outlook.com/@hotmail.com mail, mail is included. Gender (MIX). Partially an avatar, header. Token is included. Registered with MIX ip.

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Twitter accounts are registered automatically. 2023-2024
Verified via [email protected]/@hotmail.com, email is included (may require SMS verification).
Avatar is partially added, gender: m/f
Token is included.
Accounts are registered with different IPs from all over the world.

Accounts may ask for additional data on first login, which is attached to the account (example - phone number input).
Phone numbers for account verification could have been used multiple times.

Format - login:pass:token  

Format of the provided accounts. The data format is specified to make the provided data easier to read and may slightly differ without affecting the functionality of the accounts.