Recommendations for Accounts

Using proxies and antidetect browsersis highly recommended. Facebook tracks every activity. If you were previously banned from Facebook, And you try to use another account on the same ip - the account will be disabled/restricted again. So, in order to mask our IP address, we must have to use proxies. There are several excellent proxy providers you may use, includingmyprivate proxy, brightdata, and many others.

After you have connected the proxy in your antidetect browser you can login the account.


♾ Our Accounts comes with this format:  Username | Password | 2FA Key | Email Access | Date of Birth.

To log into the accounts, follow these steps This is a must-do (if you do not., your account will lock upon logging in).

  1. Go to (Never login from ✗
  2. Paste username and password
  3. Go to
  4. Paste 2FA Key in the first box and you’ll get a 6 digit Code.
  5. Paste that code in facebook and you will login successfully.

After successfully logging in, you can go to the full version of the,Never forget your account password; if you fall into any problems, just let us know and we will solve them out.

Our Facebook accounts are strong and very well aged, so there is no need to warm them up.But, if you want to warm them up for better, follow these steps: Log in to the account, pretend to be the real owner, make some comments, create a check-in using your current IP,  do 1-2 post, and then wait 1-2  days before beginning to work on them. If you face any issues just write to us we are here for help.

Recommendation for Business Manager:

After you have purchased Business Manager from our website, you will have access to a unique link that will take you to Business Manager Warmup guide. Just follow that, and you will be scaling like a pro!

We appreciate your continued belief and trust in us.