Terms & Conditions

We do gurantees :

  • Once you make a purchase from us, you become the primary owner of the account, which means whatever you purchase belongs only to you. We will not ever log in to them, and we will not ever sell their information.


  • Replacement of non working accounts if the accounts became non working due to the store is Fault; (invalid password; checkpoint; identification).


  • Refund if the store cannot provide a replacement.


  • Disclaimer of any warranties in case of violation of rule 3 and its sub-clauses.


  • Disclaimer of any warranties if the buyer contacted support later than the account is warranty period.


Support requirements:

You can write as anytime for support, while you needed support its a humble request please do not write HI - Hello, in the chat, directly write the issue r you facing and we will solve it asap.

You can reach us at  Telegram Channel  if you have any questions or concerns.