Telegram tdata autoreg accounts. For Portable version. Partially completed. Full MIX. Accounts registered with Russian IP. Aged from 100 days.

$ 0.70


Telegram tdata auto-registration accounts.

For Portable version.

Partially filled.

Gender Mix.

Accounts are registered with Russian ip.

Aged from 100 days.

Format of issuance - download link.

There is no login or password!! Can only be entered via PC, using a desktop application!.

Telegram portable (tdata) doesn't work on MacOS.

Instructions:   you need a Portable version of Telegram to run the account. To run the account, you need to download the archive, unzip it and run telegram.exe from this file. If telegram.exe is not in the archive, download it from the official website (portable version) and put it next to the tdata folder. Before starting up, make sure that another telegram was not opened in the task manager, if it was opened, then complete all processes.