Telegram Accounts - tdata - (+mix) - trust - 2018-2023 •

$ 1.45


Random output as well as aging.
Youngest accounts 5 months (this is the minimum age and accounts younger do not exist, there are only 7 such accounts)
Oldest accounts 5 years and 8 months (this is the maximum age and accounts older do not exist, there is only 1 such account)
Mostly 6 months-1 year (half of the accounts) (the screenshot shows data of accounts sorted by "aging", smiley means that the account has a profile picture. If you need more data, simply rewrite the number from the screenshot and add it to your contacts)

These accounts are autoregistration, no chats and channels. They can be used in different programs
2FA is saved in the notepad file and is compressed with the account (I recommend changing it immediately)
Do not worry about proxy.
- My accounts can be opened up to 250 pcs. on one proxy (I checked it personally)

Instructions to login to the account:

  1. download telegram.exe from the official website
  2. copy telegram.exe 
  3. insert telegram.exe in the folder of your downloaded account and launch it