UA | PHARM 15+ days ⭐️(Unique method)⭐️KING | Preheated FP NEW TYPE + Photo for passing ZRD +Friends + 2FA (SMS + Emal + Cookie + UserAgent + Token EAAB) Aging 6 months+

$ 4.80


- Farm from 15 days on mobile UA proxies
- Aging from half a year
- Accounts are registered and confirmed via phone and email, mail is not working anymore
- Cookie is available to register an account (very trusted)
- A new type of FP was created and warmed up on each account
- FP already has a minimum reach of users
- Profile is filled in, photos are added
- Friends are only from the same country, no Indians
- High-quality farm for interests

- Fast replacement in case of non-validation, without questions
- Support works 7 days a week, holidays included